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Server Training & Spending Money on Security (part 7)

The total staff has to be conditioned to not let patron’s unwanted words hurt their feeling. “Deflecting and defusing customer stupidity by not responding to it”, gives you the ability to displace patron aggression. Remember whenever you smile at patrons it is harder for them to get mad at you. Open palms, high chest show you are not a threat in a striking stance. Poly-impaired patrons are very unpredictable and confused with the diminished ability of normal patron’s reasoning functions.  Patron’s entitlement, arrogant, poly-impaired, ignorant behavior should be quickly addressed by staff. Providing safety for your patrons when serving alcohol on your premises will cost you more money. The ability of safe controls by your staff will make you more safe/good profits in the long run with less risk. The opportunity for risk in nightclubs is unpredictable with constant risk.  All staff has to, “Deal with what see”, and immediately communicate the unwanted risk to managers.  “Just wishin

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